5 Medicinal Green Juice Recipes & Easy Start Guide

  • My Easy Start Guide gives you the how-to & gets you juicing NOW.
  • "Mighty Daily Detox" is my go-to juice; 1 of your 5 juicing recipes.
  • Green juicing helped me reverse Type 2 Diabetes & other conditions.

Is There a Natural Cure for Diabetes Type II?

I reversed diabetes in 2010; in agreement with my research and experience, I firmly believed there was a natural cure for Diabetes Type II. Now, 7 years later, I’d like to expand on this idea.
I’ll pose the question: Is there a natural cure for Diabetes Type II?
Yes. And no.
Diabetes Type II is a condition (not a disease) that exists within in a particular environment. When you change the environment, you change the condition. It […]

4 Smart Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar in Winter

Winter beckons a time when some of us “batten down the hatches.” We seek layers, comfort, and warmth. I myself have had romantic visions of being snowed in inside a cozy cabin. Being from California, this doesn’t happen. I know those of you who do get snowed in don’t necessarily think it’s great or hardly romantic.
Like those good ‘ole bears who fuel-up, getting ready to hibernate during the colder months, you might also experience […]

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    The #1 Reason for Our Diabetes Type II Epidemic [even in kids…]

The #1 Reason for Our Diabetes Type II Epidemic [even in kids…]

Did you know that Diabetes Type II was formerly named “Adult Onset Diabetes?” That’s because it was a condition that typically affected adults, not children. Wipe out the old and bring in the new because today we are seeing an epidemic of Diabetes Type II in our children.
What’s the reason for this? What changed so dramatically to create a name change for a diagnosis and an enormous increase in our population’s blood sugar imbalance?
One […]

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    Can You Reverse Diabetes Type II Naturally? [for everyday people]

Can You Reverse Diabetes Type II Naturally? [for everyday people]

There is a ton of free information available on reversing Diabetes Type II naturally. Blog posts, videos, guides, programs, courses, books, and the list goes on. I have done the research, which by they way evolves regularly, put myself in the driver’s seat of experience and experimentation, and guided others through their own process of healing holistically.
I know the depth of pain, frustration, and fear that keeps you feeling frozen, not knowing where or […]