Your Toolbox

It can be helpful while transitioning to (or strengthening) your holistic health lifestyle to have access to some tools of the trade. Some of these tools you will find handy and helpful and others will not be necessary for you. Look around, notice what speaks to you, and decide what might be supportive to assist you on your journey.

There is no need to make impulsive decisions. Many tools you may already have at your disposal or can share with others who do. It is absolutely possible to get creative with what you already have and make it work for you. Some items are more needs-based while others may be more of a luxury.

I have organized this toolkit by the sections in the Holistic Lifestyle Practices (HLP) approach so you can easily navigate what you are looking for. Please feel free to ask any questions that may arise during your decision-making process. I am here to assist you.

Some of the links below are referral links. This means that if you have found value here and decide to make a purchase through these links, I will earn a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you and I thank you for your support. Your support enables me to continue spreading the message of natural healing to everyday people.

I only teach what I know and I only recommend what I use. I have researched extensively and am sharing with you what I believe to be of highest quality, best value, and superb customer service. I put together this toolkit for the purpose of supporting you alongside your pathway of transformation.

The Magic Of Food & Nutrients

Living Foods: Your First Stop to Optimal Health

  • Your Local Farmer’s Market – Buy local. Buy organic. Get to know the farmers in your area. Tip: shop at market closing time to get the best deals. Ask for bulk discounts.
  • Your Local Wholesale Produce Supplier – Many cities and towns have wholesale suppliers. You can do a Google search to find suppliers in your area. Purchase cases of organic fruits and vegetables for wholesale prices.
  • Raw Food World – Matt and Angela Monarch showcase the best of the best of everything raw-food and raw-lifestyle related. Each month they have “at-cost” specials. Food, books, juicers… Excellent customer service.

Herbs & Supplements

  • Transform Your Health – Stop buying over-priced supplements and herbs for retail prices. Although I do support buying local, giant superstores like Whole Foods make a killing by marking these products up significantly. You will save a Ton by batching your purchases and buying online. High quality products with great customer service.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – A fantastic source of herbs and aromatherapy from a company dedicated to organic agriculture. Small town feel. High quality products. A+ customer service. If you are receiving an herbal education from a long list of educators on their site, you can take 25% off every single product. Bath and body. Home, garden, and gifts.

Juicers / Blenders / Kitchen Tools

  • Raw Food World – Choose from a variety of quality juicers, high-speed blenders and many other useful tools. Raw Food World is a company with integrity and excellent customer service. They deliver what they promise. My go-to resource! Need help deciding? Just ask.
  • Amazon – Prefer to shop Amazon? Visit my Store to see some of my favorite healthy-living tools and items.
  • Excalibur– A household name for superior quality dehydrators. By staying away from overpriced retail products, you will save tons of money by dehydrating foods yourself. It is rewarding to eat the foods you have put the effort and energy into making.


  • Amazon – Visit my store. I have selected the books that I believe offer the greatest value. You will find variety as well as overlapping themes in holistic healthcare and Diabetes Type II natural treatments.
  • Eating For Energy – A valuable resource from a living foods colleague. Yuri transformed his health and his life with a high-raw diet. His quality-packed eBook explains what he did and how you can do it too.

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  • The Health Bridge – Listen from the comfort of your home while you explore “east meets west meets best” with Dr. Pedram Shojai. Whether he is exploring new discoveries, outdated notions, or longtime myths in health and medicine, he tells it like it is and brings it down to earth for you to understand.

Moving Your Body: The Joy Infusion

Gear / Clothes / Outdoor Living

  • REI – Your one-stop shop for everything outdoor-related. Great gear and the absolute best return policy on earth. Return anything anytime.. no questions asked. You can even return your old, muddy boots. Unbelievable.


  • Amazon – Visit my store to discover books on creative ways to move your body, fitness, and inspiration in the great outdoors.


  • Rich RollPlant-Powered Ultra Endurance Athlete. Rich interviews a variety of super-athletes and holistic health advocatews who share their secrets of living a high-level, ultra-healthy life. At times, the welcomed presence of Rich’s other half – Julie Piatt, joins the show. Julie’s blend of spirituality, creativity, and out-of-the-box life perspective creates the “sweet spot” and emotional impact on the show.

Website Highlight:

  • Nerd Fitness – Beginners just longing to get started will appreciate Nerd Fitness. If you want to be part of a loyal community of folks who are supporting each other in moving their bodies and getting healthy, you’ll want to check them out. Lots to learn here and so much inspiration.

Stress-Reduction: The Mindset Shift

  • Gaiam Wellness – Offering an array of restorative lifestyle items that will assist you during your daily stress-reduction practice. Get “eco” and reduce the harmful effects of endocrine disrupters in your home and your immediate environment. Yoga mats and props too.
  • YesIt’sOrganicOrganic, organic, organic. Bedding, clothing and much more from folks who care. Nothing synthetic here. Did you know that synthetic fabrics have been a root cause of dis-ease for decades? Make the connection. Go organic.
  • YogaDownloadYour own personal yoga studio 24 hours a day. A top online resource for yoga, meditation, pilates, and fitness classes. Videos, classes, music, blog and much more.

Website Highlight:

  • TinyBuddha – Relax with “simple wisdom for complex lives.” Enjoy fabulous quotes, a supportive forum, and creative blog posts.

Your Spirit’s Calling

  • Engage with Nature – It’s amazing how the vastness of an ocean or the intricacies of a multicolored flower can put your so-called problems into perspective. It doesn’t take much out in the wild to soothe the soul and foster deep connection to ourselves and the world around us.
  • Your Local (or closest) Meditation Center – Often based on donation making it accessible for many folks, you can simply sit with a group of people, no experience necessary, and breathe the day’s stress out. Beyond stress-reduction (although that in itself is such a gift), you may discover keys that will unlock your spirit’s treasures.

Interactive Multimedia Program

  • The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – Learn how to identify your “Core Desired Feelings” and discover how to apply them in every aspect of your life to create the outcomes you long for. The Desire Map is deeply rich in integrative and interactive creatively wise teachings.

Books, CDs, DVDs

  • Jai Release Meditation Program – Enjoy this beautiful and simple 30-minute meditation by Julie Piatt. It is a 4-part meditation that includes humming, music, and visualization. I particularly love the humming. I feel myself resonating with the pure vibration. It cleanses and removes energy blocks. An empowering way to start your day!
  • Spiritual Cinema Circle – An extensive line of body/mind/spirit visionary and inspirational films. Many of these never make it into the theatres. There is something for everybody here. A well-trusted company. Great customer service.
  • Amazon – Books on spirituality showed up in my life when I was a teenager. Diving deeply into the profound ways of body/mind/spirit integration spoke to me instantly and shaped my life. Discover some of my favorite books across the decades.

Website Highlight

  • Marianne Williamson – Along with Stephen and Ondrea Levine and Kahlil Gibran, Marianne is one of my oldest and most cherished mentors. When faced with emotional crisis, I have often taken Marianne’s teachings to the ocean with me. Her numerous recordings, from relationships to communication to health to abundance have danced with me on the shore and soothed my breaking heart. Each time I have seen Marianne speak at a live conference, I have been on the edge of my seat. Her wisdom and compassion are just WOW.

Food Addiction: A Social/Emotional Context

  • Overeater’s Anonymous (OA)Group support is transformative. If you have never been to an OA meeting, you may have a misconception of what the experience is all about. In these donation-based gatherings, folks of all shapes and sizes gather to support each other and share their stories of struggle, recovery, and everything in between. Try it on by finding a meeting in your area.


  • Amazon – Compulsive eating, emotional eating, food addiction, food seduction. Take a look.

Website Highlight

  • Geneen Roth – Geneen has been exploring and writing about food, addiction, women, self-love, self-hate (and her cat) for a very long time. She believes how we eat tells the story of who we are. Much to learn from this powerful storyteller.
  • Isabel Foxen Duke – Wow. Innovative, outa-the-box, “just say no to dieting,” and get un-crazy about food. Well worth your time.

Creative Project / Self-Expression / Amazing Business Idea

I want to explain why I have included a resource section on creativity, self-expression, and business-building. This section could have easily been placed under Spiritual Engagement: a.k.a. Creative Expression. Here’s why. To heal holistically and to live holistically, we must engage our whole selves. Each of us has a voice that needs to be expressed in its own unique way. This is not optional. It is mandatory for the healing of our body/mind/spirit system.

The truth of the matter is that your heart needs to sing to be liberated. What do you have to share that makes you feel over-the-top super-charged and loving life? What is your story? What are your special talents or interests you would like to explore and dive deeply into? The internet has made it quite easy to capture yourself and your heart-based discovery and share it with others. The rewards are beautifully exquisite.

However, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the technical aspect gets in the way. It doesn’t have to. Lots of folks simply do not know where to begin. Begin where you are. If you have a calling but do not know the steps to take to create your project, express yourself, or develop your amazing business idea, the tools I have listed below can help you on your journey. Don’t hold back. The time is NOW. Go for what Lights You Up!

  • Bluehost – My tried and true web hosting company. Steady, solid, and the BEST 24/hr live chat customer service I have ever experienced. Self-hosted WordPress (your website/blog platform) is integrated and FREE with a one-click install. Your first domain (www.) is FREE for the first year when you register it on Bluehost.
  • Aweber – Building your email list of subscribers is SUPER important. Aweber makes it simple and easy to manage and communicate with your readers. This is an invaluable resource.
  • Optin Skin – Notice the optin box in various areas of my site (the middle of my “about” page) where I ask for an email address in exchange for sharing the 1st chapter of my book? Those boxes were created using Optin Skin. It integrates with WordPress and its template format makes it extremely simple to create and customize boxes that you can use to help build your always-important email subscriber list.
  • Paypal – Industry standard for receiving and making payments, including credit cards (no machine or merchant account necessary), creating invoices, and selling products on your website.
  • Evernote – Oh My Goddess! A Virgo’s (me) dream come true. Amazing organizational software that can be used as an app as well as web-based. Keep “notes” and create “notebooks.” Fun, intuitive, and easy to use. I am writing this toolkit page in Evernote while sitting in a cafe in San Francisco 🙂
  • Lastpass – One stop shop for keeping all of your passwords in one protected place. Login to Lastpass and it will log you into all your other sites. Gone are the days of remembering and typing passwords into multiple websites. This is a huge time-saver.


  • Amazon – Cruise my store for my favorite books that have given me inspiration, business how-to, valuable resources, time-management ideas, and SO much more.


  • Amy Porterfield, Build Your Tribe, Smart Passive Income – Three of my favorites in blogging, social media, and business-building-adventures. Amy, Chalene, and Pat consistently deliver potent, high quality, and actionable steps to help you build your online business and create the life of your dreams.

Website Highlight

  • Marie Forleo  – Marie Forleo brings it home folks. Grounded in compassion and generosity, Marie will lead you step-by-step through multiple aspects of business-building and personal development. Great value, MarieTV episodes weekly… True inspiration.

Dig in. Enjoy!